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Solid Solar

About Us

Solid Solar, established in 2011, is an EPC company with its headquarters in New Delhi. Having key focus on implementation of Solar Power plant Projects on a turnkey basis, company has commissioned 500+ large and small solar power plants so far. The company focuses on doing Solar Projects with a technically 

Ground Mounted Solar Plant

Rooftop Solar Plants

Our Projects

Ground Mounted & Rooftop Solar Power Plant Installation Projects  

on site solar panel view
4.8 Mwp Ground Mounted Solar Plant in Uttarakhand (Pujar)
on site solar panel
500 kwp Ground Mounted Solar Plant in Uttarakhand (Uregi)
rooftop solar panel by solid solar
450Kw Rooftop Solar Plant in Kanpur
rooftop solar panel
3.5 MWp Solar rooftop plant in Uttar Pradesh

Management Team

Solid Solar Strong Top Management Team, Solar Power Plant Expert. 

Mukesh Agrawal

Managing Director

B.K. Mohanka

Chief Advisor