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Ground Mounted Solar Plants


Now days with technology advancement, installation of solar system in various areas are possible. The common place to install a ground mounted solar power plant to produce solar power with high efficiency is infertile ground. As the hunger for solar energy grown in India, there are several landowners preparing the idea of installing solar plants on their land for saving themselves from huge electricity bill payments.

Ground-mounted (PV) panels have a life expectancy of at least 25 to 30 years. When the solar panels reach end of life, the solar field can be renewed with new panels. If you are running a commercial business and have idle space at your business, why you are not going with solar and cuts down your huge electricity bills.

You can install ground mounted solar power plant at that space and make electricity with renewable energy. we provide ground mounted solar solution design and engineering on client’s site specific condition.

We customize our services and solutions as well as land availability at your site.  We ensure long term performance of your solar project with minimum impact on surroundings.

Let’s first look at the benefits of ground mounted solar plants:

Easier Maintenance:

In ground mounted solar panel system you don’t need to climb on your roof to do maintenance like rooftop solar panel system. There is no difficulties in checking the components, like an inverter, of a ground-mounted system.

Easy expansion:

If you wish to expand your solar plant in future you can do easily if you have required space for the expansion of ground mounted solar plant.

No fear of damage or Leakage of your roof:

In rooftop solar plant you need to renovate or maintain your building before installation. But in Ground mounted solar plant there is no risk of damage or leakage on your roof.

Use of infertile land:

If you have idle infertile land you can use it by installing ground mounted solar plant in that land this will help you in generating renewable energy that will result in raised saving from electricity bills.