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Open Access

Open Access

If you are a corporate with high electricity demand or looking for reducing your electricity bills. We provide the best solution to you.

And the solution is Open access solar power plant.

What is Open Access Solar Power?

An open access solar power model is for commercial and industrial clients who wants electricity directly from the power producer at reduced price by signing a medium or long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a consumer.

After the electricity act 2003, consumers with more than 1 MW of sanctioned load can buy electricity directly from power producers. They need to fulfill some formalities like: payment of some duties and taxes. And they can reduce cost of power.

Open access can be classified in Two parts based on location of the electricity Consumer and power producer:

  1. Inter-State Open Access:

In inter-state open access the power and the consumer belongs to different states and have to follow Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) regulations.

  1. Intra-State Open Access:

In intra-state Open access the power producer and the consumer belongs to the same state and have to follow State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) regulations.

Benefits of open access solar:


One of the cleanest energy sources, solar power, has become a driving factor for many companies.

You can buy solar without having more space:

People thinks that they can’t go with solar because of limited space, this is myth now you can have solar even if there is no extra space. As now we have brought the open access concept to you as an option.

Reduction in electricity cost:

Solar system reduced the cost of big electricity bills by providing electricity from renewable energy.