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Higher Generation Solar Power Compare to Most others

Solid Solar power generation

Solid Solar is known for executing projects at the highest quality. It has executed few of the most complex solar projects in India.

An independent study was performed by in around June 2022 to assess the performance of our solar plant established in Pujar, Uttarkashi. Data that is shown in the graph is collected from that study and it is based on an apple-to-apple comparison on 6 months actual generation data collected by Joint Meter Reading (JMR) billing data from November 2021 to April 2022. The data was gathered for 40-50 solar plants in the region to make this comparison.

The result of the study shows that our Pujar plant generated up to 17 % more power when compared to others in the vicinity. It showcases that our solar plants deploy higher quality of Design, Equipments as well as warranty servicing. The study resulted in proving that our Pujar Solar plant is one of the 

highest power-generating solar plants in the region. Even in the face of significant obstacles, such as the fact that our Pujar plant experienced 25% more power outages from the grid compared to the other plants during the same period, the greater performance was nevertheless attained.