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Rooftop Solar Plants

Rooftop Solar Plant

First of all it is most necessary for any business to understand the importance of going with solar panel option. As almost all of us knows that it is eco-friendly method of generating electricity because we are using sun’s rays for producing electricity.

We will make your deal more profitable as the solar power plant will cut down your big electricity bills. We provide innovative structure design for rooftop solar plants. We ensure professional and clean installation of rooftop solar power plant with optimum performance.

In a rooftop solar power plant solar panels are installed on the roof of any 

commercial or residential building. Installation of such system include photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, cables, solar inverters and other electrical accessories.

We provide the best rooftop solution to our client and ensure that they will get best return from us.

Let’s first look at the benefits of rooftop solar power system:

  • Reduction in electricity bills:

Solar panels capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into usable electrical energy with the help of inverters. so electricity bills may be reduced to minimum as it is one-time investment.

  • No requirement of additional space:

There is no requirement of additional space if you are going to install rooftop solar power system because panels will install on roof of your building so there is no additional space requirement.

  • Reduction in carbon footprints:

Solar panels harness sunlight to generate electricity. So, there is less risk of polluting the environment in comparison to conventional sources of energy. Unlike a generator, they run without producing any noise and give out lesser emissions of harmful gases that helps in reduction in carbon footprints.

  • Government Support:

In order to adopt solar energy government encourage people by offering tax credits to those who install rooftop solar panels whether it be for residential or commercial purposes. As per the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the government pays 30% of the installation cost as a subsidy to the installer.